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The Las Vegas area, in popular perception, is a mecca for gambling and tourism. When most people think of real estate there they think of fancy hotels and expensive high-rise condos, but did you know there are cities around Las Vegas where you can get a nice suburban dream home in which you can retire comfortably or raise a family? That's right, much like Georgetown, Ontario real estate offers suburban housing options to the Toronto area, Henderson, Nevada is the pinnacle of safe, friendly suburbs near Las Vegas. Real estate there is gorgeous and affordable and the city itself has a lot to offer. Just click through our informative website to see what we mean!

Henderson, Nevada: A Place to Call Home

Henderson, Nevada is located on 80 square land miles of Clark County less than 20 miles from the glittering lights of Las Vegas. Although most of the city is desert, Henderson, NV is surrounded by the man-made Lake Las Vegas and the McCullough Mountain Range, which give the city its beautiful vistas. Henderson ranks among the most walkable cities in America and was one of the top 20 places to live in Money magazine's 2006 list, helping the city live up to its motto: "a place to call home."

Although the desert belt in the United States has long been home to both ancient and modern tribes of Native Americans, Henderson, NV's history as a city has been a short one. It was founded in the 1940s for the sole purpose of providing magnesium for the Allied war effort. After the war the magnesium plant shut down and the town itself was in danger of being sold as war surplus by the Defense Department. However, the state of Nevada voted to purchase the land and industrial infrastructure and the city of Henderson was officially incorporated in 1953.

Industry and manufacturing continued to support the city until a terrible explosion at the PEPCON rocket fuel factory that killed two people and measured a 3 on the Richter scale. The explosion destroyed much of the industrial infrastructure and prompted the city to turn more toward offices and tourism. Today the city is primarily residential and many residents are either retired or work out of town. The Lake Las Vegas resort area provides the city with revenue from its many hotels and casinos.

Henderson, NV is not much of a hub for education, though there are a few private colleges and universities with campuses in the city. Most of the post-secondary educational opportunities are found in nearby Las Vegas. The city does have many recreational opportunities, however, including over 37 miles of trail through lakes, canyons, and foothills, bird preserves, botanical and cactus gardens, spas, shopping, and casinos. Henderson is also home to the Ethel M Chocolate Company, which offers tours of its factory and has a chocolate lounge.

Neighborhoods and Home Styles in Henderson, NV

As a suburb or bedroom city for larger Las Vegas, Henderson is primarily known for its pre-planned residential neighborhoods. Neighborhoods like Black Mountain Vistas, Green Valley Ranch, and Madeira Canyon are usually designed and funded by a single source to appeal to families and retirees looking for a single-family detached home. The resulting developments are fairly uniform and sometimes based on a home style theme such as Spanish Colonial or ranch style. Many have also been built to take advantage of natural geographical formations like foothills or canyons and are able to offer some stunning views. For a more complete listing of neighborhoods in Henderson, Nevada, visit our community page.

As far as how much living in Henderson, Nevada will cost you, the current cost of living is 95.5, just below the national average of 100 and actually higher than Las Vegas at 93.4. This is no doubt due to the better quality of life Henderson's residents enjoy. Average home prices range from $213,000 for a condo in a larger building to $467,000 for a single-family detached home. The average price of renting an apartment is around $1,200 per month.

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Now that you've seen all that Henderson, Nevada has to offer you and your family, if you decide to pursue it as a relocation or real estate investment option, congratulations on your excellent taste. The next step for you is to go to our contact page and get the information for a Henderson, NV real estate agent who can help you find out more or start looking at listings. Good luck with your search, and we'll see you in Henderson soon!

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